DIY Citrus Theme Arrangement

Recently I teamed up with my sweet friend Jen of Crafted by Jen.  This DIY guru and I created simple partyscapes that burst with springtime color!

First thing’s first – we need flowers.  Below is a menu of what I used to make our beautiful floral centerpiece, easy enough to re-create for any event. Here’s the flower recipe:

Salal or Lemon Leaf

Variegated Pittopsporum

Yellow Mums – these had green centers which we were ALL over!

Yellow French Tulips

Yellow Pincushion

Orange Alstromeria

Orange Spray Roses


Kangaroo Paw

Green Vibirnum

Kumquat Branches



We started by cutting  and cleaning  all the stems of our flowers.  I used a floral knife here but you can use floral shears or sharp scissors. Cutting at an angle helps them “drink” water better.

citrus stems

Speaking of water, the most important thing to do for your flowers is to hydrate them with CLEAN water, free from bacteria.  Wherever your blooms come from, make sure that you place them in new, fresh water.  Adding a bit of mouthwash can help remove bacteria without using harmful chemicals like bleach or floral food.  Make sure you keep them hydrated while working on your arrangement.


Soak half a block of floral foam, making sure that the whole piece is saturated.  Place the foam in your vessel and tape with waterproof tape.  Use a tic tack toe design to secure in place.  If you don’t have tape, make sure that your arrangement won’t be top heavy.  I happened to forget this step here and I was ok!


Strip your greens so that your stems have a clean base and can be inserted easily.  make sure the stem is long enough to touch your water source.  Layer greens with lush pieces first then conceal foam by filling in.




You will then want to add your larger headed flowers, again layering with other accent flowers.  I added the tulips, vibirnum and kumquat branches last because they were more delicate.




You will have greens left over so don’t let them go to waste.  We used salal leaves for name cards but you can easily make a garland, or use left over sprigs of flowers to adorn your fruit stands! citus name cards 



Flowers and sequin table drape is from Blush and Honey.

Jen made the adorable lemon cookies that were just too cute to eat!  She also made the darling poms that were strung alongside our garland and those tiny little party hats.


Flashback Friday

Who doesn’t love a Flashback Friday post?  You know you had a great party when weeks later you still look back and think about all the amazing details.

When my sweet friend Jen Wood, asked me to join her and Melissa Cruzada in hosting a workshop for “This Crafternoon”,  I was totally in!  Jen is an awesome baker and blogger and Melissa’s super-fab DIY wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Magazine.  We invited some friends who knew little about flower arranging but with a few simple instructions, and hand picked flowers from Blush and Honey, we made 15 Sweet! arrangements that anyone can recreate.  It probably helped that we lured them with some yummy bites of turkey sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup shooters, and doughnut holes with coffee!

The set up – Like an assembly line, the largest blooms were prepped and placed in front of each container.  Each attendant was asked to bring their own re-purposed vessel which gave each arrangement a unique look.  We set out supplies that come with our Blush Box, and had a ribbon station for finishing touches.

Kale and Roses

     Supplies and Ribbons

Even our little Bella got her artistic side going.


We had so many flowers that we made wrist corsages and a table garland… and still had plenty to give away.

corsage  garland

Our final products and all the happy gals that got to take these home to enjoy!


15 centerpieces

class photo