How It Works

We have a massive sweet spot for beautiful, fresh flowers! Many folks think that real flowers are out of their tight budgets. Blush and Honey is a great alternative to artificial or paper flowers and are delivered to you in an easy to assemble package. We do all the footwork that makes ordering wholesale cumbersome, yet you get the same flora that the best designers use. Your event may or may not have that crystal chandelier, or that super lush chuppah, but when your buy floral packages from Blush and Honey, you'll be sure to have all the pretty you can imagine!

Colors & Info

  • Start with a color board
  • Give us the deets about your event
  • Include three browser links you swoon over (chances are we love them too!)
  • We will do our best to get the same look and feel of what you envision

Floral Design

  • We consider your style, colors, season and costs
  • With your direction we personalize your package
  • This unique method simplifies ordering and makes Blush and Honey so easy to use


  • 2-4 weeks prior to your event, you'll receive your Blush Box
  • You'll have all the tools and supplies you need to get started*
  • 2 days before your event, you'll receive your shipped flowers
  • Our guarantee ensures your flowers arrive safely, on time and are so fresh your jaw will drop!
* Our Blush Box contains shears, wire, tapes, thorn strippers, pins and wristlets
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